Industry Solution

Helping fashion designers and brands stand out from the crowd!

The fashion industry has undergone significant structural change over the past few years. Market globalization, constant strong competition and ongoing seasonal cycles caused new challenges to the industry. Fashion trends are most fast-pasted today, customers want information on current trends and respond to trendy and latest products. Brand owners and designers want a fast response to their business queries. From sketch to product design, sampling and retail strategy Khawer Iqbal has developed a proven system with different strategy to help the fashion brands stand out the crowd.

Quick Response Team

Only one thing really counts for success on the fashion and clothing market is quick response. Standing with designing the product, where it is necessary to rapid identify trends and fashion and implement them as quickly as possible. By using cloud system we are able to response your queries quickly that is considered to be one of the key factors for success.

Maximizing quality and profitability

Our industry solution have been helping the world’s leading apparel brands and fashion designers maximizing quality and profitability to get their products to market faster, smarter and better.

Whether you are an established brand or making new entry into the fashion industry the Design team at Khawer Iqbal at any time willing to provide custom-made and innovative fashion business solutions in order to sustainably increase and evolve business value.

Our contribution to the fashion industry includes but not limited to:

  • Product design
  • Sampling
  • Pricing
  • Website e-commerce sales
  • Cloud computing
  • Catching
  • Consolidation
  • Order management
  • Delivery of the goods

Khawer Iqbal has a proven online system that uses cloud technology to share and provides integral updates to the design team, factory and eCommerce sales team. Our system will quickly grow and manage your business far more better.