About Designer

Ingenuity, novelty and lively dynamism are the Khawer Iqbal fashion. Focused confidently on the future of Pakistani fashion and with a committed and zealous design team, Khawer Iqbal combines a treasure of experience with eternal creativity.

Khawer Iqbal has been at the fashion frontier for over 10 years. In 2004 Khawer introduced a cutting-edge perspective to Pakistani fashion. At the height of fashion in Karachi, London, New York and Sydney, inspired by the latest looks from Pakistan, Khawer opened its doors striving with new elegances arriving in store each and every week.

Khawer also works with clients all over the world to help bring their fashion ideas to life. Fashion designers, brands, and high-street names use our design services from little helping hand to creating complete collections.

Khawer enjoys with fashion and reinterpret trends in unpredicted methods continually starting with the luxury fabrics, handmade embellishments and high-end tailoring now a famous fashion brand made with all designs and samples originating from our design studio in D.H.A, Karachi. Staying local means that we support the Pakistani fashion industry and deliver of-the-minute styles with that Khawer Iqbal platform.

Contact us to schedule an appointment. Our sales reps are happy to meet at time of your choice where you can select clothes that we will made-to-measure for you with a complete customized fit and feel.